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Why I Chose Tailwind for My Site

3 min read

Over the years I've worked with Bootstrap, Bootstrap-Vue, and Vuetify and I honestly have a love of all three frameworks. I don't really have anything negative to say about any of them. There is a common element among them, though, that I'm starting to lean away from. They are al ...

Choosing Gridsome and NetlifyCMS

2 min read

After my debacle with Ruby and gems, while setting up Jekyll, I decided I needed to try something else. I had only been using Jekyll for a few days but trying something even as simple as changing themes proved to be a hassle. I've been hearing a lot of talk on Twitter about a few ...

Clearing Up the Confusion Around .bashrc and .bash_profile

2 min read

After running into issues with my Jekyll install, I really wanted to clear up the confusion I had around my .bashrc and .bash_profile files. During my jekyll install, I was running commands that I knew was going to modify either one, or both, of those files. And I ran them not kn ...

The Trials and Tribulations of Installing Jekyll

4 min read

Wow, was that a pain in the neck. I honestly had no idea that installing Jekyll was going to be so complicated. I also don't know anything about ruby and it may have helped if I did. But I followed the exact steps that are shown in the quick start instructions on the Jekyll homep ...

The Benefits of Adding Lighthouse Audits to Your Project

6 min read

Over the last several years, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum has been making efforts to bring all of their web and application development in house. Previously, they had been outsourcing their work for custom projects to external design agencies. Although it was an ambitious goa ...